Let us help you make an informed investment decision



Clareo Advisors provides comprehensive support and acquisition services in connection with commercial real estate transactions.  Our firm will act as your in-house acquisition team, performing all necessary due diligence on a property to ensure investments decisions are made with accurate and complete information. Our clients include family offices and high-net worth individuals who may lack the infrastructure or dedicated real estate team required to thoughtfully pursue commercial real estate investments. 



Clareo will conduct on-site inspections and walkthroughs of the subject property. We coordinate, review and summarize all available reports, including (but not limited to) Phase I Environmental, Structural Engineering Assessment, and/or General Property Inspection. Third Party reports will often reveal a great deal of information around the physical condition of a property and will help you better prepare for future capital expenditures.


We will independently re-create defensible cash flow & expected return models for our clients using our own (fair) assumptions derived by extensive property and market research. We will also stress test the underlying assumptions in a variety of scenarios, so our clients better understand the range of potential investment outcomes and eliminate any surprises


We perform a comprehensive review of all material property expenses. This includes reviewing historical expenses, reconciling any abnormalities that may exist, and using judgment to make reasonable projections in-line with industry standards. This can also help buyers identify cost saving strategies with their investment.


We will explore the supply & demand drivers of a given market to understand the engines of growth and supply picture. A thorough review of relevant sale & lease comps help determine the market environment for the subject property.  Our goal is to determine the true competitive set for the a property and understand how it is positioned within the market.  With that information, operational goals can be realistically set and achieved.


Clareo will identify and extract key data from complex documents and present them in a clear and simple format. This step in our process validates the income source of the investment, and highlights any discrepancies, concessions, or required improvements. We will also coordinate and host tenant interviews should they be warranted.


The culmination of our advisory services results in a clear recommendation as to whether our client should pursue an investment given its distinct risk and return criteria. Our final product is a relevant, organized, and comprehensive report that paints a complete picture of the investment.

Advisory Service Fee:  Fee varies by the size and complexity of a transaction.  The fee-based service is structured so there is complete independence and objectivity when making investment recommendations; our only incentive is to provide the best information as possible. 




If you do not already have a property you are pursuing, our team will help you source and purchase the ideal investment property.  

The deal sourcing process beings with a comprehensive consultation to better understand a client’s risk appetite, return expectations and their desired operational involvement.  From this consultation, we will establish a set of concrete investment parameters that we will use to guide our search for the perfect investment.

Long standing relationships with market participants and a thorough understanding of commercial real estate fundamentals, will help to uncover the most suitable property.

Once a deal has been identified, our team will assist in the pursuit of that investment.  In addition to deal sourcing, we will perform a high level due diligence on the subject property and negotiate the best deal possible for our clients to ensure they are making an optimal investment decision. 

Deal Sourcing FeeOur fee is typically paid by the Seller’s in the form of a brokerage commission upon the successful close of a transaction